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Austen Thomson Hair – Best Edinburgh Hairdresser

austenthomson4 Austen Thomson Hair   Best Edinburgh Hairdresser

It can be hard finding a good hairdresser in whatever city you live in or move to. As many of us know will know that ‘fear’ that all your hair will get chopped off when all you wanted was a trim. aaaahhh! panic! So, I have to share one of my favourite hairdressers in Edinburgh, Austen Thomson Hair. They have a cool urban studio based in Leith, friendly staff and great products. It’s always a treat visiting as they have a variety of fruit and mint tea, and their head massages are the best! A great way to spend a relaxing evening after work or at the weekend. Be sure to check out the latest happenings with Austen Thomson Hair on facebook.



Sunday is Shirt day

Bit of a belated post, seen as it is now Monday but here is Sunday’s outfit. Prior to this outfit, was one of running shoes and a vest top, as some members from work and I took part in the Edinburgh relay marathon (note to self- next time do some training). Luckily the weather stayed sunny, so we all had a pleasant enough run.

Below i’m wearing a checked shirt from forever 21, a bit of a boy shirt but I love it nonetheless, and it’s a nice staple item which is great with a pair of Jeans. I like to have a number shirts in my wardrobe, especially in summer as they are good for a thin cover up when it gets cold.



correct1 Sunday is Shirt day

correct2 Sunday is Shirt day

P4081785 Sunday is Shirt day

correct3 Sunday is Shirt day

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Barratts

Statement Accessories

Good Morning all,

The sun has got his hat on and it’s time to get to know, the long awaited, Spring time. I’m looking forward to the day when you no longer have to wear a jacket but I think this may be a little way off. Below I’ve paired a black leather jacket, with skinny jeans and wedge trainers. As i’ve said in previous posts im not a huge fan of wearing black, and this is a large contradiction seen as im dressed head to toe in it but as you can see i’ve added a splash of colour with my new found, the yellow zara bag and Uniqulo scarf.

Find out below where I got this outfit from:

P3241733 Statement Accessories P3241740 Statement Accessories P3241744 Statement Accessories P3241745 Statement Accessories P3241755 Statement Accessories  

Bag: Zara

Leather Jacket: Stradivarius

Scarf: Uniqulo

Jeans: H&M

Wedge Trainers: Dorothy Perkins

Love from Switzerland – Snowboarding Fun

Switzerland is a beautiful place, it was my first time visiting and I can definitely say I’d love to go back. It had everything a snowy holiday should have from mountains to mulled wine and much more. It was of course absolutely freezing but we had the right gear to keep us nice and warm. We took full advantage of the swiss cuisine, for us, it consisted mainly of chocolate and fondue! (Don’t judge, boarding is energy consuming). Snowboarding was great fun, if not a little frustrating at times. Definitely felt the affects of being on the slopes all week but hopefully it will get me back into keeping fit.

Usually during the day we would take a break and go for something warm to drink – mulled wine or hot chocolate. When its cold outside, there really isn’t anything better!  Saas Fee, the resort which we were staying in is actually the highest in Europe so somedays the top of the mountain dropped to -25 C. And yes it was cold! My gloves actually froze at one point, which was a little unpleasant. But it was well worth reaching the top of the mountain, where they have a revolving restaurant and spectacular views.

I’d love to go back during the summer and stay around Lake Geneva, the transfer from Geneva airport meant we got to see a lot of the country side and towns which look beautiful. All in all a great trip!



Switzerland Love from Switzerland   Snowboarding Fun

jaimie Love from Switzerland   Snowboarding Fun

jumping Love from Switzerland   Snowboarding Fun

snowboard Love from Switzerland   Snowboarding Fun

boarding Love from Switzerland   Snowboarding Fun

Chic Trousers


I love chino trousers! They are perfect for work and perfect for going out for dinner. The one’s worn below are from Zara, which is my first port of call when im looking for tapered or smart trousers. They are ridiculously comfortable and not too pricey either. Mango also has a great selection of trousers which you can check out – here.


 Chic Trousers


 Chic Trousers

 Top: miss selfridge / Belt: Riverisland/ Shoes: Blanco

 Chic Trousers

That Red Dress

These aren’t the best pictures but I wanted to share with you my midi bodycon dress from Asos. It was the perfect dress for an evening party which I had during the holidays. The ruffles give the dress a nice textured look, instead of the dress sticking to every curve. I paired the dress with some small black heels from Zara, (they’ve been on the wish list for a while). They look good with simple outfits even with a pair of jeans and a Tee.

red dress That Red Dress


mididress That Red Dress

What’s black, red and white?

It’s me! Sorry, for the terrible non joke but hey expect many more of these to come in your xmas crackers. So it’s not long now until xmas and i’m sure most people are counting down the days.

I recently had my xmas party and wore the trousers seen below, and a peplum top from topshop, unfortunately i didn’t take any pictures but I had to share some pics of my trousers, my rather red trousers – so here is an everyday outfit.

As I said in my last post I’m not a huge fan of wearing black, but these certainly brighten things up. They were also a bargain at £10, from H&M.

pic1 Whats black, red and white?

double Whats black, red and white? face Whats black, red and white? shoes Whats black, red and white?

Luxury in Black

I’ve never really been a fan of wearing black, just because I feel everyone else wears it to blend in. No doubt most office xmas parties this season will have a whole array of women dressed in black. In saying this, I do think when you wear it right, you can look amazing. A definite on this years xmas wish list is leather looking trousers, unfortunately i’ve been debating over them for such a long time, i’m not even sure if i will get around to buying them.

Below are some must have items which ive picked out for the season:

1: Black swim suite from Roksanda Iilincic, I realise its is currently winter here in the UK but some lucky ones will be heading off for a winter break and what better way to look chic than this.

2: Large gold and black statement necklace, perfect for pairing with a plain dress.

3: For all those who managed to get a cheeky xmas bonus, you will certainly need it to buy this 3.1 Philip Lim bag

4: Black leather jacket, with added fur. Leather jackets were a definite must have during autumn but with the icy weather coming in, leather isn’t the warmest of materials, hence why i’ve chosen one which a fury collar… it might add some warmth. right?

Whats your thoughts on black? Do you wear it all the time?


avenue32 Luxury in Black

Metiers d’Art in Bonnie Scotland

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of the legendary fashion brand Chanel decided to host his show in bonnie Scotland. Linlithgow Palace, located just outside of the capital is his choice of venue, if you can call a half derelict palace a venue. With London holding most fashion events and renowned as a fashion capital, i’m sure the scottish fashionistas will be revelling in the long awaited landing of a grand fashion show such as the Metiers d’Art. I know I most certainly am. I had to take a sneak peak at what Lagerfeld did to the palace and tomorrows copy of vogue was just not going to be good enough, so here are some hauntingly beautiful pictures of the palace:

Linlithgow Metiers dArt in Bonnie Scotland


palace Metiers dArt in Bonnie Scotland


PC041239 Metiers dArt in Bonnie Scotland

 Thanks to social media even those who didn’t get an invite can enjoy some highlights:

chanel tartan Metiers dArt in Bonnie Scotland

Source: Vogue 

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