Denim shorts and Wooly Jumpers

This picture was taken back in September when it was a lot warmer. Looking at this now makes me shiver a little but thought I should share this outfit. I think no matter how many pairs of shorts you buy, you will always have that one staple pair you find comfy and will match everything.  Below I am wearing my favourite pair of denim shorts from another Spanish shop called Lefties. My bag and hairband are also from Spanish shops… yes I do like Spain. Anyway, now that it is coming into winter I am all about the wooly jumpers, featured here is a jumper from Primark from last years winter collection. Hoping that they have stocked up again on ribbon jumpers like this. H&M currently has a great rage of wooly jumpers, reasonably priced as always and a pair of leather shorts I have my eye on ( oh as well as the whole Lana Del Ray collection).

P9121025 Denim shorts and Wooly Jumpers

P9121030 Denim shorts and Wooly Jumpers


P9121032 Denim shorts and Wooly Jumpers


P9121031 Denim shorts and Wooly Jumpers


  • Aleksandra
    December 15, 2012

    Hey honey! What a beautiful bag! And I love your sweater!

  • Aleksandra
    December 15, 2012

    oh the hair piece is also really nice :)

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