Luxury in Black

I’ve never really been a fan of wearing black, just because I feel everyone else wears it to blend in. No doubt most office xmas parties this season will have a whole array of women dressed in black. In saying this, I do think when you wear it right, you can look amazing. A definite on this years xmas wish list is leather looking trousers, unfortunately i’ve been debating over them for such a long time, i’m not even sure if i will get around to buying them.

Below are some must have items which ive picked out for the season:

1: Black swim suite from Roksanda Iilincic, I realise its is currently winter here in the UK but some lucky ones will be heading off for a winter break and what better way to look chic than this.

2: Large gold and black statement necklace, perfect for pairing with a plain dress.

3: For all those who managed to get a cheeky xmas bonus, you will certainly need it to buy this 3.1 Philip Lim bag

4: Black leather jacket, with added fur. Leather jackets were a definite must have during autumn but with the icy weather coming in, leather isn’t the warmest of materials, hence why i’ve chosen one which a fury collar… it might add some warmth. right?

Whats your thoughts on black? Do you wear it all the time?


avenue32 Luxury in Black

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