Metiers d’Art in Bonnie Scotland

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of the legendary fashion brand Chanel decided to host his show in bonnie Scotland. Linlithgow Palace, located just outside of the capital is his choice of venue, if you can call a half derelict palace a venue. With London holding most fashion events and renowned as a fashion capital, i’m sure the scottish fashionistas will be revelling in the long awaited landing of a grand fashion show such as the Metiers d’Art. I know I most certainly am. I had to take a sneak peak at what Lagerfeld did to the palace and tomorrows copy of vogue was just not going to be good enough, so here are some hauntingly beautiful pictures of the palace:

Linlithgow Metiers dArt in Bonnie Scotland


palace Metiers dArt in Bonnie Scotland


PC041239 Metiers dArt in Bonnie Scotland

¬†Thanks to social media even those who didn’t get an invite can enjoy some highlights:

chanel tartan Metiers dArt in Bonnie Scotland

Source: Vogue 

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