Spencer Clothing SS13 Collection

Last week I was kindly invited to the photo shoot for Spencer Clothing‘s SS13 collection, a scottish label, tartan and all, developed by Creative Director- Colin Gilchrist. From the moment I saw the collection I fell in love, the collection is high end with a focus on crisp tailoring, quality fabrics and women who like to work hard and party hard. The inspiration for the collection came from the abundance of superheroes and sport stars surrounding us. With a number of super hero movies released this year alongside the olympics, what better way to collaborate the two than in an empowering and sophisticated collection.

“The fabric choices came from a selection of your favourite chocolates mixed with specifically designed jacquards and a black Macmillan tartan. The 3 sides to the collection include dramatic evening wear, tailoring and summer dresses and blouses.” Colin Gilchrist.

One of my favourite items from the collection is featured below, a tailored jacket with an almost ‘toile de jouy’ blue patterned collar and cuffs. This particular styling has hints of military with a whole lot of chic.

untitled 70461 Spencer Clothing SS13 Collection


untitled 6835 Spencer Clothing SS13 Collection

untitled 6736 Spencer Clothing SS13 Collection

Please check back soon to see some behind the scene shots and some more information on this exciting collection, as well as to see the dress named after me!

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  • Colin Gilchrist
    August 15, 2012

    Jaimie, thank you for your support, we’ll do our best to keep you up to date with label development. – There’s a new FB addition which might amuse you…

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