Truffle Boots

I have been a bit of a terrible blogger recently, unfortunately my laptop has decided to be a bit crazy and do things like not switch on, make strange noises and constantly write in caps lock. Sad times. Anyway winter is coming and it’s time to throw on lots of layers, find your favourite boots and crunch threw the leaves. Who said winter had to be full of dark colours and unexciting clothes…

I have three loves for this winters fashion: anything wine coloured, truffle boots and midi bodycon dresses. I was very lucky to be sent these amazing boots by Barratts. They look great with any outfit and are suprisingly easy to walk in. I’ve been wanting a pair of these boots for months but couldn’t decide on which type, so in the end I chose these truffle boots with a wooden block heel. I’m also wearing a jacket and scarf from H&M, a dress from Topshop and a Marc Jacobs watch (from my lovely boyfriend).



Jaimie image 3 Truffle Boots

jaimie image 1 Truffle Boots

jaimie image 2 Truffle Boots

Jaimie Image 4 Truffle Boots




  • Gemma
    November 12, 2012

    jesus, look at you walking in those heels! they’re huge! gorgeous though.

  • Barratts Shoes
    November 12, 2012

    Fantastic outfit!
    Love the bag too

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